I'm Ruben Tresserras, a freelance retoucher based in Barcelona. I work with a combination of retouching, CGI and photography to help you create the images you want.
I approach every project with respect and attention, no matter how big or small, no matter if you are a freelance photographer or a worldwide agency.
I can assist you with the pre-production and the capture and we can work hand in hand with the post-production to achieve a custom-made solution perfect for you.


Retouching, from basic color correcting to complex creative compositions with a blend of CGI assets, photographic files and stock imagery. 
On-site retouching for quick mockups during the shooting, or even for the whole job if you prefer to view the whole retouching process.
Photography and CGI services that I can either do myself or I can find the best profile for you among my collaborators.
Capturing and processing HDRI 360º panoramic spheres and multi-angle Backplate images for perfect integration of your 3D models or also ready for VR presentations.
One-to-one or small-group training sessions specifically developed for your needs.